Do I Need To Repipe My Chatsworth Home?

If your water is discolored or noisy, it may be time to get your pipes repiped. If you have lead pipes, you should also have them replaced. Corroded pipes can cause a lot of damage and can cost you thousands of dollars in water damage. Click here to visit Candu Plumbing of Chatsworth for free.

Discolored water

Discolored water in Chatsworth homes can be caused by a number of factors. The most common cause is naturally occurring minerals in the water. These minerals are generally harmless. However, discolored water can still be unappealing and may even have an unpleasant smell. Fortunately, there are several simple solutions that will eliminate the problem.

The first step in addressing the problem is to address the source. If the water is discolored, contact the Chatsworth Water Works Commission. This agency is responsible for providing water and waste water services to residents of Chatsworth and Eton. The Chatsworth Water Works Commission ranks among the lowest utility companies for consumer bills.

Leaking pipes

If you have a leaky pipe in your Chatsworth home, the best way to prevent further damage is to call a plumbing expert. Tommy Lynch, the owner of Lynch Plumbing, established the company in 1985 and has served the Chatsworth and San Fernando Valley areas ever since.

There are many reasons why you should call a plumbing professional when you suspect that you have a leak. It may be the result of corrosion or the failure of a valve. Corrosion in pipes can affect water pressure and eventually cause leaks. This problem is easily addressed with a new pipe and a professional plumber.

Lead pipes

Lead pipes are service lines that carry water from the water main under a street to a residence. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), there are six to 10 million lead pipes in the United States. This number could be lower or higher, depending on state-provided data. Regardless of the number, the health risks associated with lead water pipes are substantial.

If you are concerned about lead contamination in your drinking water, you can call your local water authority to test your water. They can find if your service lines contain lead, and remove them. But be aware that replacing the water main will increase your lead exposure for up to six months.

Galvanized steel pipes

Galvanized steel pipes can last as long as 40 to 50 years. Nevertheless, if you’re considering replacing your pipes, you need to consider a few things. Firstly, you should remember that these pipes are prone to rusting from the inside out. As they age, they will develop calcium deposits inside, which will eventually result in low water pressure and rusty water. You should also pay attention to the pipe’s joints. If they’re rusted, you’ll notice pitted rust spots.

A galvanized pipe is made of steel that’s coated with zinc to prevent it from rusting. It was once widely used in water pipes, but this practice was banned in developed countries since the 1950s. It is also susceptible to corroding when it is connected to copper or brass, which means that it’s prone to leaking and other damage.

Cost of a repipe

The cost of repiping a home by Chatsworth plumbers will vary depending on a number of factors. The size of the house, number of plumbing fixtures, location of existing pipes, and number of floors will all affect the total cost. For instance, a one-story home will cost less than a two-story home, which requires more material for the pipe installation.

The type of pipe used to repipe a house will also affect the price. Copper is the most expensive, and can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $20,000. Copper pipes are rigid, and take twice as long to install as PEX pipes. PEX pipes are more flexible and require less wall demolition, which means they will save you money on the total cost of a repipe.

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