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Flash Sale! Baseball Training Equipment in Strobe Sport


If you are interested in a wide variety of baseball and softball practice equipment, then you have come to the right place. You can shop for baseball training equipment at Strobe Sports to find the perfect equipment for your game. From LED club light effects to adjustable occlusion levels, we've got you covered. Whether you're looking for baseball bats, gloves, or other softball equipment, Unique Sports has the best selection of baseball and softball practice equipment.

Strobe Sport glasses

The Sparq Vapor Strobe eyewear is a revolutionary baseball training device that uses a strobe effect to train the brain of the athlete. With curved plastic LCD lenses, the eyewear alters the visual field by randomly switching between clear and obstructed views. It also improves the timing of motion. It could also improve hand-eye coordination and speed. The Sparq Sensory Station analyzes 10 vital visual skills.

LED club light effects

Using LED lights in your baseball training equipment will improve your players' vision. These lights eliminate overhead shadows that can be blocking for players. Traditional sports lights use a filament to produce 360 degrees of light which has to be reflected by a reflector. Because the light from a reflector is diffused and cannot be refined, players have difficulty seeing the ball when playing. LED lights emit light from one single source and narrow the beam to 180 degrees.

Adjustable levels of occlusion in which to train

The occlusion training method has many benefits, including allowing baseball players to improve their vision. In fact, researchers have discovered that players who are trained to see pitches out of the pitcher's hand are more likely to hit home runs and catch more fly balls than players who are not trained. Adjustable levels of occlusion allow baseball players to train with varying levels of occlusion for each pitch type, allowing them to improve their skills in recognizing pitches.

Strobe Sports offers the widest selection of baseball and softball practice equipment

When you need baseball or softball practice equipment, Strobe Sports is your place to go. With its selection of pitching and hitting aids, fielding aids, and conditioning aids, it's easy to find the right equipment for any skill level. If you're looking for affordable baseball and softball practice equipment, Strobe Sports is a great choice. Here you'll find the best prices on baseball training equipment.